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Basic Requirements


  • Criminal justice education
  • or Experience as a Police Officer
  • or Experienced Military Police Officer
  • or Combination of Education and Experience

Helpful Recruitment Information

What is a Status Candidate?

COMPETITIVE AND EXCEPTED SERVICE - There are two classes of jobs in the Federal Government:

  1. those that are in the competitive civil service, and
  2. those that are in the excepted service
SOURCES OF ELIGIBLES - in filling competitive service jobs, agencies can generally choose from among 3 groups of candidates:
  1. A competitive list of eligibles administered by OPM or by an agency under OPM's direction. This list consists of applicants who have applied and met the qualification requirements for a specific vacancy announcement. It is the most common method of entry for new employees.
  2. A list of eligibles who have civil service status consist of applicants who are eligible for noncompetitive movement within the competitive service because they either now are or were serving under career-type appointments in the competitive service. These individuals are selected under agency merit promotion procedures and can receive an appointment by promotion, reassignment, transfer, or reinstatement.
  3. A list of eligibles that qualify for a special noncompetitive appointing authority established by law or executive order. Examples of special noncompetitive appointing authorities include the Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA) and Peace Corps.

What is Veterans Preference?

VETERANS' PREFERENCE - Veterans' preference recognizes the economic loss suffered by citizens who have served their country in uniform in times of strife, restores veterans to a favorable competitive position for Government employment, and acknowledges the larger obligation owed to disabled veterans. Historically, Congress has reserved preference for those who were either disabled, who served in combat areas or during certain periods of time. Veterans who qualify as preference eligibles (meaning they typically must have served on active duty for at least 2 years during a period of war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge is authorized, or be disabled) are entitled to an additional 5 or 10 points added onto their earned rating in a competitive civil service examination. In all other situations (for example, selection from a merit promotion list or other "internal" action such as reassignment, transfer, or reinstatement), veterans' preference is not a factor. Veterans' preference was intended to give eligible veterans an extra assist in getting a job with the Government and in keeping it in the event of a reduction in force. Veterans' preference does not guarantee the veteran a job. Veterans' preference should not be confused with the special appointing authorities such as the VRA which allow eligible veterans to be appointed noncompetitively to the competitive service.

THE VETERANS EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ACT (VEOA) - This act gave preference eligibles or veterans with 3 or more years of continuous active service access to jobs that might otherwise be closed to them. When an agency advertises for candidates outside its own workforce under merit promotion procedures, it must allow these veterans to apply. Of course, all applications are subject to any area of consideration that the agency has specified on the vacancy announcement. VEOA applicants are not subject to a geographical area of consideration limitation.

What is VRA?>

Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA)
Formerly, Veterans' Readjustment Appointment

  • What it provides: VRA allows appointment of eligible Veterans up to the GS-11 or equivalent grade level. Veterans are hired under excepted appointments to positions that are otherwise in the competitive service. After the individual satisfactorily completes 2 years of service, the Veteran must be converted noncompetitively to a career or career-conditional appointment.
  • When to use it: VRA can be a good tool for filling entry-level to mid-level positions.
  • Who is eligible? VRA elibibility applies to the following categories:
    • Disabled Veterans;
    • Veterans who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during a war declared by Congress, or a in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized;
    • Veterans who, while serving on active duty in the Armed Forces, participated in a military operation for which the Armed Forces Service Medal (AFSM) was awarded;
    • Veterans separated from active duty whitin the past 3 years.


For more Police Officer position information, please email, write or call:

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Police
VA Northern California Health Care System
10535 Hospital Way
Mather, CA 95655 (07B)
(916) 366-5401